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Millennial Sex Terms

Millennial Sex Terms 

Times are changing, and there are now more words to describe gender and orientation than colors of the rainbow flag. Here are some Millennial Sex Terms we think you should know:

  • Agender- A person who does not identify with any gender.
  • Androgynous- A person with both masculine and feminine qualities.
  • Aromantic/Aro- A person who does not experience romantic attraction.
  • Asexual/Ace- Describes a person who experiences little to no sexual attraction. Note: An ace isn’t afraid or ashamed of sexual intimacy; they simply have no impulse for it.
  • Androsexual- A person attracted to masculine features, mannerisms, and expressions.
  • Bicurious- A (usually heterosexual) person interested in members of the same gender.
  • Bigender- A person who identifies with two genders.
  • Bisexual/Bi- Describes a person who is sexually attracted to two or more genders.
  • Cisgender- A person whose gender identity matches their gender assigned at birth.
  • Demisexual/Demi- Describes a person who develops sexual attraction after first establishing a close emotional bond.
  • Gay- A person sexually attracted to people of the same gender (usually when describing men). Can also be used as an umbrella term in the LGBTQ+ community.

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  • Gender Expression- How a person performs their gender, i.e. clothes, behaviors, and actions.
  • Gender Identity- A person’s internal view of their gender.
  • Gender-fluid- Describes a person whose gender identity is not set and tends to include a mix of both or all genders.
  • Gender Non-conforming- The gender identity of a person who identifies outside of the gender binary of man and woman.
  • Genderqueer- Another term for a person who identifies outside the gender binary. Often used as an umbrella term for many non-cisgender identities.
  • Grey-Asexual/Grey-Ace- A person who does not feel sexual attraction often and can be confused about whether what they feel is sexual attraction.
  • Gynesexual- A person attracted to feminine features, mannerisms, and expressions.
  • Heterosexual/Straight- Describes a person sexually attracted to those of a different gender than their own.

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  • Intersex- A variety of conditions where a person’s sex characteristics (chromosomes, hormones, genitalia, etc.) do not fall into purely male or female categories.
  • Lesbian- Describes a woman who is attracted to other women.
  • Non-binary- Describes a person who does not identify with the gender binary.
  • Pansexual/Pan- A person who is attracted to people regardless of gender expressions/identities.
  • Polyamorous- A person interested in having more than one relationship at a time with all partners aware and consenting.
  • Queer- An umbrella term for people who do not identify as straight and/or cisgender. Note: due to the derogatory history behind the term, not all LGBTQ+ people embrace the label.
  • Romantic Attraction- A potential to engage in emotional intimate behavior with others (relationships, dating, marriage).
  • Romantic Orientation- The way a person identifies in their romantic attraction to others. Usually matches a person’s sexual orientation, but not always.
  • Sexual Attraction- A potential to engage in physically intimate behavior with others (touching, kissing, sex).

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  • Sexual Orientation- The way a person identifies in their sexual attraction to others.
  • Transgender- Describes a person who identifies as or transitions to a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth.
  • FtM/MtF- Short for “Female to Male” and “Male to Female” when referring to transgendered people. accepts every type of Lifestyler, from ace to aro, from queer to heterosexual. We welcome all orientations, attractions, and preferences.

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