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The Swinger’s Dictionary

The Swinger’s Dictionary 

Since we know swinging, especially online swinging, can feel like it has its own language, aims to make newcomers feel informed as they join the community. With that in mind, we’ve put together a helpful “Swinger’s Dictionary” to get your feet wet as you step into The Lifestyle.

  • Adult Buffet- A distinct type of group sex wherein all participants are free to have sex with any other member they choose.
  • BDSM- Short for “Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism.” An umbrella term for sexual activities involving bodily restraints, the concept of control, and the infliction of pain.
  • Closed-door/Closed Swinging- Swapping partners and engaging in sexual activities in different rooms. Can involve a hard or soft swap.
  • Cuckold- Cuckolding is a term to describe a situation where a spouse enjoys watching their spouse have intercourse with another person. Very popular in the swinger community, a cuck is usually a male who gets pleasure from seeing his wife with another man. This is lso known as open swinging.

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  • Fetish- When sexual satisfaction is dependent on a specific object or act. (Ex: heels, spanking, etc.)
  • Foursome- When a group of four engage in sexual activities.
  • Gallery- In the context of swinger sites, the collection of photos a person/couple will post on their Swinger profile.
  • Hard Swap- When a swinger engages in sexual intercourse with partners outside of an existing relationship.
  • Ken & Barbie- “Ken & Barbie” is a term that APG uses to describe the sexiest, most attractive couples in the lifestyle. These are your picture-perfect, give Brangelina a run for their money, type couples. In a word, sexy AF.
  • Kink- An unusual sexual desire, preference, or fantasy. (Ex: BDSM, roleplay, etc.)
  • Open Relationship/Marriage- A relationship or marriage that is not monogamous. Usually defined by having sexual relationships, but not romantic ones, outside of the primary relationship.
  • Polyamory- Having multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships at the same time, with all parties aware and consenting.
  • Prime Photo- The photo in a swinger’s gallery that is used as their thumbnail to entice partners. Boring swinger sites may refer to this as a “profile photo.”
  • Same-room/Open Swinging- Swapping partners in the same room and engaging in sexual activities. Can be a hard or soft swap.
  • Soft Swap- When a couple is willing to participate in foreplay/sexual relations but stopping short of sex.
  • Swinger- Describes a person engaged in the Swinging lifestyle.

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  • Swinging- The practice of having multiple sexual partners outside of a primary romantic relationship, regularly with the understanding that the focal point of those connections is inherently sexual.
  • Swinging Party- A private event where a group or couple will host a gathering of swingers to meet up and engage in sexual activities.
  • The Lifestyle- A casual term for the swinging lifestyle. Can also be broadened to mean sexual open-mindedness or being sex-positive.
  • Threesome- When a group of three people engages in sexual activities.
  • Unicorn- Bisexual single women looking to engage with couples

If your vocabulary isn’t big enough yet, head over to our list of Millenial Sex Terms to keep up to date with the latest labels in both the swinging and LGBTQ+ communities.

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