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5 Benefits of An Open Relationship 

Are you and your spouse thinking about having an open relationship? Or are you just questioning what an open relationship really means?

To decide whether an open relationship is the correct option for you and your partner, you need to know not only what an open partnership involves, but also the specific benefits.

What is an open relationship? An open relationship is one where two people are not exclusive to each other while in an ongoing relationship.

In other words, both partners freely permit each other to have other sexual and/or romantic partners. Swinger sites like are the perfect places to explore the ways an open relationship can spice up your life.

So what are the benefits of having an open relationship?

You Won't Have to be Monogamous

Being in an open relationship is a great option for people who don't believe in monogamy or have failed to be monogamous in the past. They're also for people who simply don't want to be monogamous. However, they still want a meaningful and long-lasting attachment to another. So people can blend the best of both worlds by choosing to have an open relationship.

You're Honest About Your Romantic/Sexual Activities

Another attractive feature of this kind of relationship is that it gives you and your partner the liberty to pursue others in a manner based on mutual acceptance, open communication, and complete honesty. While you still have deep emotions for your partner, you can meet separate requirements with different individuals, while being honest and open to each other.

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It Can Help Cope With Inconsistent Sex Drives

Non-monogamy can assist you to get closer to the amount of action you both want. It takes off the pressure from the partner with a lower sex drive to have sex when they don't want it and takes off the higher sex drive partner's pressure to go without sex when they want it. You can go out and explore more options if you want more, while your partner has the freedom to say no.

You Can Discover New Boundaries

Different individuals have distinct sexual preferences. If you open up your connection with your partner, both of you will have the chance to explore new desires. Naturally, your sex life will become more flexible. A new lover could introduce you to kinks you never even knew you had.

For example, you may be taught the nuances of role play by a new partner or introduced to a dom/sub relationship. Or you could find a partner in something you've always liked, but your current partner hasn't been comfortable with.

You might even want to pursue someone of the opposite sex than your present partner.

This benefits you mostly separately, but you can also take back some of your fresh talents or interests to your partner. Or you can explore other lovers together with your primary partner! Watching your partner hook up with another individual can be deeply exhilarating.

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Jealousy Makes You Passionate

There's something exciting about knowing your partner was with others. Which in turn could leave you feeling even more intense during sex between the two of you. Jealousy is not a pleasant feeling, and you should definitely not attempt to create jealous feelings in your partner.

But there is no denying that it can really spark some intense desire. Naturally, if there is too much jealousy, communication and honesty are essential to remedy such matters in open relationships.

Open relationships may not be for everyone, but the benefits make them worth trying. Couples seeking an open relationship should start with Swinger sites where a community is ready and willing to welcome them into a whole new world of possibilities.

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