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5 Benefits of Polyamory and Polyamorous Relationships 

5 Benefits of Polyamory and Polyamorous Relationships

Since serial monogamy is the norm in US society, most people will see other forms of relationships as “not real” in comparison. This comparison is far from the truth. Polyamory and its benefits are just as rewarding, if not moreso, than monogamy.

A Different Rite of Passage Than Marriage

Monogamists see marriage as their “next big step” in their relationships as a sign of maturity.
Polyamory, in contrast, can appear incomplete, temporary, and uncertain without this life event.

However, some polyamorists believe that the process of relationship negotiations inevitably creates a deeper bond of emotional intimacy. These negotiations foster a higher level of sincerity, self-reflection, and communication in order to keep them healthy.

Polyamorous relationships of all types, just like monogamy, take work, but the rewards make them worth it.

Communication Creates Intimacy

Communication is the primary means polys use to create deep emotional intimacy. Negotiating relationship boundaries and safer sex agreements are important for polyamorists to communicate.

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Poly folks often enjoy a diverse sex life, and sexual intimacy can certainly contribute to emotional intimacy. However, very few relationships, poly or otherwise, can succeed without clear and constant communication.

Honesty Is Key

Establishing intimacy and working through conflict work when polys exercise honesty, with themselves and others. Telling lies makes for bad negotiations, a violation of poly norms that hold honesty above all else.

Building trust takes telling the truth, even when it’s ugly.

Self-Reflection and Growth

While some claim to not get jealous, most people in polyamorous relationships deal with jealousy. Polys often talk about jealousy stemming from insecurity or anger.

Open communication can ease these feelings and lead to self-reflection and growth. It may be painful at first, but rewarding in the long run.

Polyamory Means The More, The Merrier

When discussing their relationships, polys hardly play favorites. Rather, the love between polys only grows. It doesn’t diminish because multiple partners exist.

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Even different types of love can grow in the relationships. Romantic or platonic love can emerge in polyamorous relationships.

For polyamorists, love isn’t all or nothing. Having another lover does not mean the love for someone else is in any way less. And polys are unsurprisingly candid about how much their sex life is better with multiple partners.

However, the sexual variety does not mean they neglect their emotional bonds. Polyamory lets people have the best of both worlds.

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