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Everything You Need to Know about Car Sex
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Everything You Need to Know about Car Sex 

Sex in a new location always has that higher level of excitement attached. Mixing it up with car sex brings a spark back to your sexual routine.

Whether your plans include oral or intercourse, it can take some planning to make it an enjoyable experience. Here are some things you should know before taking a drive with your partner.

The Type Of Car You Use Matters

Small cars can be difficult to maneuver in, which is why younger couples prefer SUVs the most. Pickup trucks and coupes rank next, while sedans have the least amount of space.

Even though SUVs have the most room, couples use sedans most often when hooking up.

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Cowgirl Is The Most Enjoyable Position

Space limits you on what positions are possible. Couples rank cowgirl as the “top” position to try in the car. Other car-friendly positions include doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and missionary.

We encourage you to find what position fits you and your car.

We Recommend the Backseat

You might have already guessed, but the backseat is the best place to do the deed. After the backseat, couples most commonly have sex in the passenger seat.

Pickup truck owners might benefit from trying sex in the truck bed. Couples love a sexy night under the stars.

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Pick a Good Location

The freedom of driving wherever you want is one of the benefits of car sex. People who find public sex thrilling could park in a parking lot. Otherwise, remote locations, driveways, and scenic overlooks are popular places to stop the car.

Remember to be careful you’re not doing it anywhere you could get in serious trouble.

One Last Reminder:

Plan ahead.

Limit the risk of getting caught by picking a secluded location. If it’s possible, use a bigger vehicle like an SUV. Stick with basic positions, so you’re both comfortable in the small space.

Now that you know where to start, it’s time to steam up those windows! Head to to find open couples and swingers who’ll indulge your car sex fantasies.

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