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Single Swingers: Tips for Flying Solo
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Single Swingers: Tips for Flying Solo 

Whether you're a single man or a high-flying unicorn who enjoys the lifestyle as a swinger, participants typically follow some guidelines. It's sort of like a secret language for single swingers.

Here are a few tips for single swingers to help keep things going in the right direction.

Understanding Club Rules

Let's admit it, single ladies are sitting pretty in the Lifestyle. Unicorns generally enjoy the benefits of easy entry into parties, clubs, and other events. On the other hand, single male entry is restricted and thoroughly checked before entry is permitted.

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Some clubs are on-site, while others are off-site. This ensures that there is a limited amount of sexual contact between guests on site. Knowing the difference and adhering to these rules is essential.

Stay Away From Couples Who Don’t Have an Agreement

At times, you may have an instinctive feeling about certain couples. You may have the feeling that a pair you're thinking of playing with doesn't seem to know own limits.

swingers kiss at swinger party

When partners are still learning and resolving problems such as jealousy and insecurity, they are constantly developing. If you feel doubtful, you may want to avoid being involved with these couples.

They might just be new to the lifestyle, though, and only learning their sets of rules now. Be willing to have a ' soft swap ' experience if you're committed to playing with them.

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Always Be Respectful, Even When Bailing Out

Many partners don't like it when single men are too intense, but often don't have a problem with enthusiasm. However, if you feel any hesitation on the part of the couple at all, gracefully move along.

Also, be kind when bowing out of a conversation with a couple who shows interest but you have none. Try not to burn any bridges. You never know when you might be interested in other options in the future.

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