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Why You Need a Safe Word 

Some make jokes about having a safe word or may feel it's not needed. But it's a quick and easy way to let someone know you need to immediately stop what's happening.

Talking about needing a safe word can be a tough conversation. However, the benefits outweigh the few minutes of awkwardness for having it.

There are many reasons why having a safe word can not only boost your sex lives but also save you from difficult discussions and future misunderstandings.

You Can Get Caught Up in the Moment

Firstly, we all know it's very natural when it comes to having sex to get overly excited and caught up. The signs your partner sends you may be misleading, but a little word may stop this from happening.

If you're into activities like role-playing or BDSM, a safe word is especially important. It should be fun, but you can end up harming your partner by taking things too far.

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Safe Words Build Trust

When designating a safe word, you both recognize that you can fall back on it while also letting go. Now, you know the limits of your partner and they know yours in the future.

In some of your favorite fantasies, you can feel safe indulging since you don't have to think about how to communicate with your partner.

You Might Need a Break

A safe word can also be a good way to say that you're too tired. It can also be a signal that a position hurts.

Many Keep Quiet

This is the case mostly for women who agree to things like penetration before they are actually ready. Most times they think, “Oh, it’ll be fine.”

Meanwhile, our partner has no idea if we’re feeling awkward, in pain, or bothered by something they’re doing.

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You Can Hurt Someone Unintentionally

And because we don't say anything about it, we can get hurt or even accidentally hurt someone during sex.

If Unsure, Use Traffic Lights

We recommend using the colors of a traffic light as a guide.

  • “Green” for “I feel fantastic. Keep going.”
  • “Yellow” for “Maybe slow down.”
  • “Red” for “Stop right now.”

These are easy to decipher, and the plus side is you can communicate with each other about what feels great if you aren’t into sexy talk.

While it may be a little awkward to have the conversation, later it will save both of you from discomfort. Nobody wants to push their partner's boundaries or hurt someone without realizing it.

Having a safe word will build confidence in your relationship and give you both the basis for a deep intimate connection.

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