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Tips For Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean 

Sex toys can liven up sex between long-term couples since they're useful to make sure you get off during sex. They're also good for singles who're just too lazy to finger themselves.

Whether you use your toys for masturbating or during sex, it's important you learn how to properly clean your toys.

Know The Material Your Toy Is

How you wash your sex toy is largely dependent on your toy’s material. Clearly, it's hard to beat silicone sex toys. They're pretty soft, smooth, and not harmful to sensitive skin.

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If your sex toy looks like real skin and feels like it, it's probably made of cyberskin. Since cyberskin is very porous it is important to wash with just a little soap and warm water.

By comparison, if your toy’s material is porous like cyberskin, jelly rubber, or hard plastic, it's not even possible to get it 100% clean. You'll want to make sure you wrap it in a condom if you're sharing it.

Use Small Amounts Of Mild, Fragrance-Free Soap For Your Toys

Don't automatically assume that you need to use harsh soap or scrub hard to get your sex toy cleaned properly. Using too much soap or extremely harsh soap can actually damage sex toys made from more sensitive materials.

sex toys

Typically, you should also stick to using fragrance-free soap on your sex toys, especially porous ones. This can prevent any discomfort to your body.

Sex toy sprays and wipes for cleaning are also an option to keep in mind. Since they are designed specifically to disinfect sex toys without harming them.

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To Submerge Or Not To Submerge

If your sex toy is motorized, whether that means battery-powered or a power cord, never plunge it into water. Alternatively, use a dab of mild soap and a wet cloth to wash these items.

If your sex toy consists of a durable material (such as silicone, pyrex, stainless steel or stone) and is not motorized, submerging it in water will clean it properly.

You can also use the dishwasher to clean your sex toys and sanitize them. Just make sure you pay attention to any water temperature cleaning directions first.

Use Clean Towels To Dry Off Your Sex Toys After Washing

Seriously, to dry off your sex toys, it is important to use either a perfectly clean hand towel or a clean paper towel.

However, whatever you choose to use when drying off your toys, make sure you totally dry them before storing them.

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