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APG Welcomes We Gotta Thing as Debut Podcast
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APG Welcomes We Gotta Thing as Debut Podcast 

AltPlayground is proud to welcome Mr. & Mrs. Jones of We Gotta Thing onto the new podcast module on our website. All 67 of their episodes are now accessible to listen to on APG while browsing sexy couples near you.

Who are Mr. & Mrs. Jones?

Mr. and Mrs. Jones discovered the swinging lifestyle after three decades of marriage. Together, they started We Gotta Thing as a resource to help other couples spice up their relationships through swinging. After over five years of podcasting, the couple continues to share their experiences and advice on navigating the Lifestyle.

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Podcasts are a new key feature of AltPlayground, where other dating sites fall flat. You can now scroll through The Big Wall while listening to the Jones’s recount their latest swinging insights and play experiences.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones are the perfect example of communication in a relationship. As podcasters, they are friendly, open, and the atmosphere is intimate. Listening to them feels like being in conversation with them at a party or around a table at a bar. You cannot help but love Mr. and Mrs. Jones, both individually and as a couple.

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In each episode, they present a serious topic for lifestyle people, while also sharing their own adventures in swinging. We Gotta Thing is a great resource for every Swinger, whether you’re veterans or new to the lifestyle.

We Gotta Thing now available on Altplayground

A Tip For Newbie Swingers

We recommend you listen to episode 15 and episode 18 if you are just starting out. Mr. & Mrs. Jones lay out some great advice for how swinging works and talk about what they wish they’d known when they started swinging.

The AltPlayground community is excited to welcome We Gotta Thing as our first featured podcast on the site. Over the next few months, APG will be debuting other titillating lifestyle podcasts onto our new module, and will feature one a month here on the APG Newspage.

Until then, head over to Altplayground and let’s give Mr. and Mrs. Jones a warm community welcome, while you browse through the sexiest couples in the Mid-Atlantic.

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