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What is a Sugar Baby? 

There is certainly nothing new about the trend of men with power and wealth using those qualities to attract women.

A phenomenon known as "treating" began to emerge at the end of the 19th century. In exchange for being an escort, unmarried women with low-paid jobs relied on men to provide them with housing, money, and dinners. We can trace the Sugar Daddy term itself back to the 1920s where men commonly spoiled younger women financially.

Recently, sugar babies and sugar daddies often refer to themselves as SBs and SDs. The community partly uses these for simplicity's sake and partly because some people do not like saying "baby" and "daddy."

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Why Do People Become Sugar Babies

For a whole variety of reasons, sugar babies start sugaring. Student debt, bills, mentorships, and internships are all reasons for sugar babies. And some of them, of course, still hope for a serious relationship or husband.

sugar baby

How Much Can a Sugar Baby Make?

There are no rules, or even standard standards, when it comes to how much a sugar baby receives, or how they arrange their relationships. Every relationship and agreement is different, and there are different standards for sugar babies and daddies.

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Some sugar babies go on multiple dates without expecting compensation for their time, while others do not even meet up without payment first. Other sugar babies in charge per hour, and some have a steady "allowance" monthly.

Meanwhile, some have no clear agreements with sugar daddies and depend on his whims and "gifts." This word can mean anything from money to mortgage payments and student loans to buying fancy meals, designer bags, and holidays. Some just want to find a wealthy and successful boyfriend or husband, and otherwise don't expect any payment.

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