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The Biggest Myths About Sugar Babies
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The Biggest Myths About Sugar Babies 

Society holds different long-held beliefs about sugar babies, and it's important to put them to bed. So, we decided to remedy what we recognize as the top three biggest myths about sugar babies (SBs).

Sugar babies enjoy a luxurious life while awaiting an allowance.

This is way off the mark. This is a misconception. In fact, many SBs have jobs aside from sugaring. There are a number of sugar baby lives, some of which include college students and those with families.

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A common experience is that they attend college and have part-time jobs. They go shopping at big sales and thrift stores. They may get sugar, but they don't lead a magnificent lifestyle.

Sugar babies are young girls in college trying to pay tuition.

Although most sugar babies are young women, there is an increasing number of SBs in their thirties and above. Older SBs are preferred because they know what they like and are not going to settle down for a salt daddy, better described as a fraud or scam artist. Such SBs know what they want, which is a sincere sugar daddy (SD) that knows their value.

Another trend is the rising number of male sugar babies looking to help SDs explore their sexuality or just looking for a younger man to mentor.

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Sugaring is basically sex for money.

Varying sugar relationships do not require a romantic relationship. Some are for mentoring and friendship only. Babies often gain valuable networking skills, finding loyal friends and supporters.

While it's true that there are romantic sugar arrangements, there are just as many cases they don't.

SBs are generally faced with just a few of these most common myths. Ideally, this post will help clear up some of these. Head over to to find a community of open-minded swingers near you.

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