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Flirting With Swingers 101
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Flirting With Swingers 101 

Depending on the person and situation, the seductive flirting process is different, but there is a general flirting flow among swingers. Here is a simplified explanation of this process of flirting and how it goes from being friendly to having sexy play time.

Show Up

Showing up to a lifestyle event means making a sexy connection available to them. Swingers aren't sex addicts, so it doesn't guarantee there's going to be play, but there's definitely hope that the right match will potentially have a sexy time.

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Talking to You

It means that they are not turned off, but it does not imply that they are turned on. Feel free to speak at swinger parties with as many guests as you like. Many people want to have sexy time, and they tend to focus most of their interactions on future sexy relations. Speaking with swingers is a subtle way to show interest, but an easy one to develop on.

Try a Compliment

When swingers want to create a hot connection, compliments will be thrown around. This still depends on what they're concentrating on. When they praise your buffet food plate, it's just nice and friendly. They are open to getting to know you better when they compliment something more intimate, like how beautiful you look.

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If you want a sexy interaction, then to demonstrate your potential interest, you can make some sexy comments about their clothing, hair, dance moves, etc. Swingers can't read minds, so be sure to use some flirty words to show your interest in them.

Little Touches

We're talking about a gentle soft touch on your arm or foot when they laugh at a joke. They can invite you to dance where they drop more relaxed subtle touches on you to judge your response. If you like it, move closer and in a steady escalation return the touches. It's very alluring and tempting to make eye contact while smiling.

All these various acts reflect the possible urge for a stronger connection. In a low tension way, you're signalling each other via seductive hints.

Ask for Some Play Time

Consent is sexy, and if you don't ask, you can't get consent. Swingers will wonder if you want to make a hot connection. Maybe they don't have the courage to ask, so you should say if you're interested in fun play.

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How does a swinger ask for some play time? You can say something like "We'll see if a playroom is available if you want to join," which makes it easy for them to say yes or politically decline without any hurt feelings.

Many swingers are likely misunderstood because of being too low key and so will lose hot interactions. Never underestimate the number of insecure swingers that may be open to a hot connection, but just don't know how to flirt. If you want to make sexy playtime happen, being friendly and confident can deliver very good results.

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