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Rules to Have Before You Start Swinging
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Rules to Have Before You Start Swinging 

Every swinging couple makes different rules for their marriage to stay safe. With time, these rules often will change to better match what fits to your relationship. Other swingers may not like your rules or their rules may not please you. That's all totally alright. We all still support each other and know that any swinging interactions take a back seat over our own relationship.

Avoiding Kissing

For first-timers, this is a common rule that often disappears quickly as their confidence level increases. Use this rule if you're a first-timer or it helps you feel more secure. Throughout sexy time, most people find it hard not to kiss, so they may avoid playing with you, but that's their mistake!

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Full Swap or Soft Swap?

Another rule which is very common. Many partners prefer soft swap only. They desire kissing, caressing, groping and oral – all very satisfying.

Quite a few beginners in lifestyle begin with this rule, and some experienced full swappers respond over time to this idea. A soft swap rule can help to defuse emotional problems, relieve STI worries, and remove a lot of the uncertainty of pressure and performance that comes with a full swap.

Repeat Play

Within a certain time frame (one month, six months, a year, etc.), most couples do not repeat playing with the same couple to avoid any potential emotional connections. It helps keep swinging away from your personal, emotional relationship and pretty much confined to physical pleasure. Many swingers like this rule, allowing them to have more sexual diversity in their lives. The rule can be adjusted to fit your personal liking.

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Thoughts on Swinging Unicorns?

Unicorns, aka single ladies, can be amazing. In the lifestyle, single women are usually in high demand. Many swinger single ladies are absolutely fantastic.

Many unicorns can place additional requests with a pair or single guy to help them feel safer and more secure. Such extra work makes many spouses reluctant to play with unicorns. Some couples like to keep things easier and stick to other couples only, so that nobody feels left out or ignored.

Same vs Separate Room Play

For each, there are advantages and disadvantages, and you can judge for yourself what is a plus and a minus. To find out what is best for both of you, talk to your partner.

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Couples can come up with lots of arrangements that are practical, so work out what you both want. Be willing to change this rule, and any other rules on the list, over time. People adapt, relationships develop, and feelings evolve. The rules should also grow and develop.

These are just a few of the rules couples are going to have. If some couples violate their own rules during play, don't be surprised. It can likely occur at the moment when you're in the moment, but you should never motivate somebody to break their rules.

Once you and your partner have your set of rules, go out and enjoy the Lifestyle. Head over to to find sexy swingers near you.

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