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Best Sex Parties in Washington DC

Best Sex Parties in Washington DC 

Looking to find a fun and sexy time in Washington DC? Wanting to connect with groups of like-minded swingers local to your area? Well, we’ve found the best swinger parties near you, so you can have the most inviting and pleasurable time.

#1: Entre Nous

Entre Nous focuses on catering to the younger crowd, experienced in the club, physically attractive and sophisticated. Entre Nous blends the sexiness of luxury with the trendy nightclub scene in addition to being an excellent off-premise social space for the lifestyle community.

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Their guests are an array of people, many of whom are lifestyle couples and women. In the sexy and erotic environment they have created, everyone has a good time with each other.

#2: Just For Dinner

Just For Dinner functions as its own exclusive lifestyle event. Such evenings, presented at the most lavish locations, offer five-course menus and wine pairings expertly customized by the chef.

All dinners provide both members of The-Group and potential members of The-Group a luxurious meal to get together around. Just For Dinner offers members ways to enjoy and interact with each other before committing to anything intimate. Consent is key, and Just For Dinner is more than just a dark alley fling.

#3: Nova Meet & Greet

Nova Meet & Greet immerses their attendees all throughout the night within a sea of diverse, sultry individuals. These parties, held in luxury resorts, have participants experience a wild night of fun like no other. Consent and respect are held in high regard, so everyone can have a safe and comfortable time while enjoying themselves.

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#4: Sinn-Ergy

For any of their parties, Sinn-Ergy's primary goal is to connect couples in a lively, seductive, and stylish atmosphere in which people can grow their circle of friends. You will meet people across all sorts of backgrounds.

Sinn-Ergy keeps it fresh for everyone by inviting around 40 percent of new couples. They feel you're going to meet many new sexy people this way that you can ultimately incorporate into your own group of friends.

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#5: The-Group

The-Group provides multi-day luxurious getaways in the Lifestyle that are not available anywhere else. The most recent of these escapades was Autumn in Aspen, where The-Group delights guests with a four-day holiday at Aspen's finest resort.

Daytime at these events includes sophisticated outdoor activities, such as fly fishing, and chances to explore the world's most beautiful cities, such as Charleston, Manhattan, Napa, and Palm Beach. When the sun goes down, the party starts at the sparkling -g spot lounge. After that, the chefs deliver an expertly prepared five-course meal.

These enchanting weekend lifestyle parties arrange meals with the finest champagnes and attract the most discreet, classiest lifestyle members. Such gatherings are so exclusive that in order for The-Group to consider issuing an invite, you must first complete a vetting process. Such methods of screening are nothing short of exceptional and come in the form of…

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