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Everything You Need to Know About Full Swap Swinging
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Everything You Need to Know About Full Swap Swinging 

What is Full Swap Swinging?

Full swap swinging means full, penetrative sex where couples switch spouses. It can be emotionally complex to see your loved one having full-on sex with another person, particularly if you've been with each other for a long time.

When you full swap, you are more inclined to pair off and concentrate only on your partner during play. Full swap play sessions frequently start as a soft swap, but tend to intensify as couples get into it.

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As you have a full swap experience with everyone on the same bed, you should understand that you might get close to bare parts of the body that you didn't expect to handle. Many inexperienced men may find it difficult to feel comfortable when nude beside another man.

You should think about it in preparation so that in the moment you can confidently acknowledge it.

Talk Beforehand

There are also bigger potential challenges that come with full swapping, particularly issues about safe sex and pregnancy. Be sure you're talking to your spouse when you're comfortable and sober and decide on the rules beforehand.

Conversing with one another when there is no pressure is a great step towards a fun and desirable encounter, regardless of what kind of swinging you prefer. Full swap couples also decide on condoms for penetrative sex, but not on oral sex.

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You should also check with your spouse and your potential playmates how and where the men will finish in a full swap. Do not take anything for granted and always ask first.

Full swaps can be absolutely remarkable. It's no different than sex with your spouse. It's another kind of sexy and you shouldn't compare them. You're definitely going to have a bias in your play style, but it can't compete with sex with your loved one.

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