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Getting Started in the Swinging Community
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Getting Started in the Swinging Community 

Monogamy is most often the standard choice when it comes to sexuality for many couples. But not all couples get into closed relationships. Many couples have open agreements and understandings, and even seek to improve and spice up their sex lives by actively introducing partners to their twosomes, otherwise known as swinging.

Talk to Your Partner

Having a swinging conversation with your spouse is the first step in figuring whether the decision for both of you is correct. It is crucial for both of you to get on the same page and not to jump into it without first recognizing your own personal intimacy limits.

Do Research into Swinging

To different people, swinging can mean different things, so do your homework before you rush into anything. This study could involve browsing swinger websites and engaging in discussions with other swingers to get an understanding of preferences and potential issues.

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Swinging is a joint venture in which the pair works together to swing, whether purely for pleasure or to strengthen their connection. Knowing that both sides go into it as a pair, as equals, makes swinging seem much more desirable and accessible to some.

Set Swinging Rules

In any new and unfamiliar environment, rules are important to feel comfortable. When they are upheld, rules can also strengthen trust between partners. You can always change the parameters with your lover based on levels of comfort. Essentially, it comes down to what you two want when swinging as a couple, and if the swinging world gives you what you want.

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Join a Swinger Club or Party

It's a more intimate and common way to transition into the swinger lifestyle by meeting up at a hosted party or a swingers club. Exclusive parties are likely organized in your area and found on swinger sites like


Remember, don't feel like you need to pressure yourself the first time you're at a party to engage. Just go and watch to see whether the situation is right for both you and your partner.

Find a Swinger Site

There are many popular websites, such as AltPlayground, where couples may sign up to find swinger parties nearby and other open couples indulging in their sexual desires.

After you chat with someone online long enough and get a feel for them, including pictures of verification, set up a meeting. Occasionally people get nervous or lose interest, but inevitably you get a hit and it's worth the wait.

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