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Everything You Need to Know About Soft Swap Swinging
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Everything You Need to Know About Soft Swap Swinging 

What is Soft Swap Swinging?

Soft swap swinging is when couples engage with other people in foreplay and other sexual acts, but reserve full penetrative sex for their spouse only. Soft swapping may include kissing, caressing, fondling breasts, oral, or anything else other than what's below the belt.

soft swap swinging

Often soft swap couples favor this approach if they want to have fun without pushing their own limits. Some couples find it too intimate to have full sex with anyone but their partner, but they enjoy the soft swap thrill.

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Benefits of Soft Swapping

You can switch back to your own partner for full sex when you soft swap so that you can savor the sexy ambiance with your loved one. On the other hand, you can go home to end the sexy night in private.

Another reason to try soft swapping is to help with erection problems. Some guys don't feel completely comfortable performing for another woman or they're having a hard time keeping an erection with a condom.

Soft swap brings fun and pleasure without any problems with ED caused by pressure. People who have a soft swap tend to feel less pressure on performance. In fact, this lack of pressure can lead to even sexier performance.

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Most partners feel even more confident with soft swapping than full swap. The aim may end up being more physical when you have a full swap. You kiss, caress, and say some very dirty things when you're experiencing a soft swap. All of this can feel much more sensual and seductive.

It is a great approach to communicate early and often to have a fun and enjoyable experience. Every pair has its own different soft swap definition. Ask new soft swap play friends what's on the table and feel at ease sharing your own rules with them.

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