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Why You Should Try Edging in the Bedroom
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Why You Should Try Edging in the Bedroom 

Since many of what people used call kinky sex practices make their way into common bedrooms, a sexual technique known as "edging" is generating interest for its success in making men and women enjoy sex and masturbation for longer periods of time. Edging is giving them more intense orgasms when they feel the time to climax is perfect.

What Exactly is Edging?

Edging is the practice of maintaining a high level of sexual arousal without causing yourself to achieve orgasm, also regarded as orgasm control. Whenever you edge, either while having sex or masturbating, you are on the verge (or edge) of climax. Then, you stop allowing the pleasure to intensify, and start over again, repeating the cycle.

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Why Should You Edge?

It is particularly effective as part of denial and delay of orgasm. Bringing your partner along the edge leaves them wanting to come and do anything they need to obtain that orgasm.

If your partner doesn't know if they're going to get an orgasm or just an edge, the suspense introduces to the foreplay a level of excitement. Whether punishment and reward are part of your relationship, then edging your partner and encouraging them to perform sexually to receive their orgasm is powerful.

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If your lover reaches orgasm regularly much faster than you do, edging would certainly help slow him down. But men are not the only ones able to edge. It's a practice that women can also use to give them exhilarating orgasms.

Why Should a Woman Practice Edging?

For ladies, edging before penetration increases the likelihood that during penetration she can orgasm. If she usually takes a while to come, it takes the pressure from the male partner, who doesn't really have to last as long, to have her edge ahead of time.

When you're alone, masturbation is a great way to practice edging, or you can use it throughout sex to help prolong the onset of orgasm.

When you and your lover develop the technique of edging, both of your orgasms will be off the scale. Check out to find sexy swingers near you.

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