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Mirror Sex: Why You Should Watch Yourself 

It is shockingly common to have sex in front of a mirror. Even adult films, popular movies, and music portray it. In order to fulfill this fantasy, we can all see pictures of erotic hotels with mirrors on the ceilings right above the beds. Below are a few reasons why people think that mirror sex is such a huge turn on.

mirror sex

Sexuality is Tied to Our Visual Experience

By seeing the body of our lover, their motions, and facial expressions, we can get turned on. So why wouldn't we get turned on by seeing the satisfaction of our own reaction? It's a strong turn-on to have that pleasure-packed image that brings your sexiness to life and heightens your passion.

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You’re a Voyeur AND Exhibitionist

If you look at yourself having sex, you get to be both a voyeur and an exhibitionist at the same time. It's close to voyeurism since you can enjoy witnessing someone have sex, but you're also seeing yourself differently than voyeurism. Furthermore, voyeurism also depicts the concept with a veiled "secret" or "spying" component, whereas seeing oneself is an overt act.

Everything Happens in Real Time

It can be a breathtaking and thrilling experience to watch yourself have sex. From the point of view of your lover, you get to see yourself, which can be enjoyable. You can see yourself and your partner from more possible angles that are normally obscured, giving you a fresh perspective and a new appreciation of how sexy each of you really are.

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You Connect with Your Partner

It's not just about focusing on yourself. It's also an intimate way to get in sync with your lover. You can see each other's expressions when you're having sex in front of a mirror, gaze into each other's eyes, or measure each other's enjoyment in poses where you usually face different directions.

You can also get a unique perspective on your lover's body, including the places that tend to face another direction. Make things even easier for each other by reading facial expressions and studying responses to see what tends to work.

Mirror Sex Boosts Your Confidence

Certain people may find the experience off-putting and awkward, particularly if they seem to be unhappy with their bodies and find the mirror too kinky or intrusive for their taste. Others, particularly during sex, consider this an exciting way to explore their own bodies and performance. Seeing a sexy "performance" with you as the star can help you feel more confident about yourself.

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Everybody Can Try It

Sexual fantasies are for everybody, and you don't have to be a full of yourself to love mirror sex. It may be a selfish activity for some people because they concentrate more on themselves and how good they feel. But it is a different way to enjoy visual stimulation in real-time for most people. You also get the sensation of being observed and watching at the same time.

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