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Tips on How To Role Play Like a Pro 

Role playing is not just dress-up during sex or foreplay, it's a way of thinking. Many people like to wear a specific piece of clothing because it's a lover's turn-on or even a fetish. Role play can be a fun way to express a different part of your personality both for those in long-term relationships looking for a novelty or people who have distinct dress-up personas.

When it comes to tuning into your dramatic side during sex, are you not sure exactly how to start? When you decide to give role play a whirl, here are five tips that can help.

role play

Start Small

It might not be wise to shock your lover by coming out of the bathroom wearing an entirely fur catsuit with a head just because they say your kitty ears are sexy. Often good accessories are all it takes for things to liven up (and sometimes you want more) so proceed gently when you're a role play rookie.

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Test the Waters

Tried and true approaches (and roles and costumes) can be wonderful, but also consider something different. Most people have the same basic fantasies (professor, doctor, cheerleader, detective, etc.), but if you're dressed like that superhero they like or a character in a film or game, you'll really excite your lover. You might already have an insight if you know them well, but if you don't, you can just ask.


Do Something Different

Attempt a change in social conventions or your own personal power relationship. Take the positions of professor/student, boss/secretary, and flip the switch. Defy gender expectations or act differently from the patterns of your own partnership. Do you always have control? Hand over the reigns and let your lover take the lead.

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Set Rules

Immerse yourself in whatever scene you create, but still have an exit strategy. When you first experiment with role play, you experiment and likely get out of your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to push the limits, but if you want to come back to reality, you or your lover can use a safe word.

role play

Have Fun with It

At first, role play can seem cheesy, and that's all right. You're breaking your daily routine. From a costume bundle, you might wear something that looks uncomfortable or awkward. But try playing and shake it off. You can bring the fantasy dream of your lover to life, and that's certainly worth it.


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