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Ways to Achieve a Hands-free Orgasm 

There are endless ways to achieve orgasm hands-free. Here are some interesting ways to discover how masturbation can take less effort and still get you to climax.

Get a Little Wet

Your bathroom has a range of hands-free fun for you! You can try lying down in the shower on your back and letting the water fall on your labia and clitoris from the showerhead. Try the tub faucet if you want more intense pressure. And perhaps, if you can hold a handheld shower hose easily for a couple of minutes at a time, it can add even more pressure.


Play With Some Toys

You may find it far easier to use a vibrator as it does most of the work for you. It still has to be kept in place, but you wouldn't necessarily have to do that with your hands. In general, it may be simpler to keep a larger, thicker vibrator in position.

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You can even be able to lock some vibrators between your legs and hold it in place. One method to consider is to straddle the vibrator, so you're letting gravity do all the work, rather than holding it to your body. You could also use props such as cushions to support it and get it right for you to orgasm.

Grind It Out

Speaking of grinding, many women masturbate by following this approach. You can do this by moving back and forth against anything between your thighs and rolling your hips. Those who use this technique either use soft objects, such as pillows, blankets, or towels, or hard objects such as a remote control or hairbrush handle.

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Squeeze Those Leg Muscles

One effective method is to trigger an orgasm by rubbing your legs together. Keep your thigh muscles as tight as you can and begin to contract the muscles. You may also want to squeeze and move your legs together. For jeans, this method can work particularly effectively. You can often rub your clitoris against the coarse denim if you get the seam of your pants lined up correctly.

Try It With Your Feet

If you're flexible enough, sit back and put your foot's heel up so it's against your clitoris. Grind with your heel. If you feel that this is too strong, you do this while wearing underwear or pants. You could even put a washcloth between your foot and crotch.

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