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Tips For Setting the Mood in the Bedroom 

Usually, what do you do to establish the atmosphere for play sessions? How do you prep your bedroom for a passionate and enjoyable night? Do you play smooth, sensual music, light candles, or dim the lights? You may even scatter flower petals around and pour some glasses of wine. Then you're dressing in your finest or newest little nightgown and shutting out the outside world.

Check the Lights

Shifting the lighting will shift the mood. Bright overhead lighting may just be the thing for scenes of investigation or medical play, but it won't work for most of the other kinds of play we enjoy. Try to use gentler lighting like candles or indirect lighting like wall-pointed lamps. Trying Christmas strings of LED lights or black lights could even be fun.

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Play Some Music

Music helps establish moods which is also why most of the experiences in our lives revolve around it. So don't disregard the music's impact in your scenes. There's a vast array of music that can build the perfect headspace to get your mind off of everything else.

Most Doms believe in the influence of strong beats and bass for impact play as it lets them keep up with the pace. Whereas, because it relaxes them and soothes nerves, submissives prefer ambient music for more personal play such as wax play or knife play.

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If you have a good playlist, it can boost a play time's performance. But a poor playlist distracts. Everyone has particular musical preferences, so if you don't share them with your partner, consider changing the playlist to get more out of it.

Unwind Before Play

It's often easier to set the physical scene than to be ready to play. You need to be able to give yourself up and what's going on to your partner in order to sense the connection and energy amongst you. Sometime before you start, take some time to unwind and prep for play. It will allow you to engage with your feelings, impulses and normal responses during play.

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