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5 Tips for Foreplay To Definitely Turn Him On
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5 Tips for Foreplay To Definitely Turn Him On 

If you don't try to make the most of your sex life by introducing some hot, sizzling foreplay tips and advice into your sultry play before you get with your guy, you're both going to miss out on having rather amazing sex.

Make Sure You Look Good

Keep in mind, by nature, men are visual. What they see turns them on. So, if you really want to turn your man on and excite him, taking good care of how you look is a major priority. This is an easy tactic to build sexual tension.

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Try Some Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is a "pre" foreplay tip that you can use on your man all day long before you're both alone together, including during the foreplay. All you have to do is tell him what you crave, why he turns you on, and what you really want him to do. To keep him wondering and dreaming about you, it's also a great idea to add in some ambiguous statements.

Brush Up on Kissing Techniques

Too often people assume kissing is a dull strategy for foreplay, but it's not at all boring. It can be extremely hot if you go in with passion and enthusiasm.

The secret is to take the initiative. In other words, before he feels the urge to kiss you, you have to kiss your man first. Bite one of his lips lightly (but strive to be gentle) with your teeth. Alternate from biting his ear lobe to kissing him on his mouth to licking him on his neck. Don't neglect to kiss his body.

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Use Your Hands, Too

You should introduce another foreplay technique during the kissing, which is stroking and touching your man all over. Switch up the intensity with which you touch him. Initially, touch him and gently caress him, then grab him later and keep him close. Perhaps you might also want to consider using your nails.

On that note…

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Massage His Scalp

Massaging the scalp of a man is one of those neglected foreplay pointers that make your guy feel amazing. You can do this while lounging next to each other, lying in bed, kissing each other, or perhaps while having sex, too. Just be cautious not to scratch your nails on his head.

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