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Why You Should Try Blindfolded Sex
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Why You Should Try Blindfolded Sex 

Using a blindfold during intimacy doesn't need to imply any kind of bondage, nor does it necessarily require any sexual contact to help one achieve higher degrees of gratification. The art of blindfold seduction, in reality, can become a new and exciting aspect of any kind of foreplay or even a normal aspect of sex routines. Here's how you should try blindfolded sex with your partner.

Talk About It First

Although seduction frequently includes certain elements of anticipation, some partners may simply be scared to pull out a blindfold in the midst of the act. Discuss the idea before introducing a blindfold to the foreplay in the bedroom. Establish the ground rules to make sure you both understand all limits.

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Pick What Kind of Blindfold

Unless you'd like to, there's no reason to waste money on a pricey blindfold. A simple scarf, ribbon, or bandana can suffice. Ladies also have one from certain skin care packages. It’s ultimately up to your preferences on material as well.

Use the Sense of Touch

With the support of your partner, go ahead and embrace the new touch feelings that vision deprivation opens up. Blindfolding encourages one to test with being touched by different materials like satin, lace, feathers and unexpected fingers. Some are amazed to find that even the lightest touches are particularly sensitive and can cause an orgasm.

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Now Try Taste

Taking away the sense of sight helps to enhance one's sense of taste, making this a perfect opportunity to introduce food into the bedroom scene. Prepare a dish of sweet or aphrodisiac delicacies such as figs, oysters, almonds, chocolate, champagne, etc. Feed your blindfolded partner slowly and create a sexy mess.

Blindfolded sex can be a fun and enjoyable experience, and with fewer insecurities. It often makes it a lot easier for anyone to lose oneself in sexual ecstasy.

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