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6 Foreplay Tips on Initiating Sex With Your Partner
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6 Foreplay Tips on Initiating Sex With Your Partner 

You need to hone your skill in seducing your partner in order to be a great lover and leave them feeling desired. To drive your lover wild, body language, eye contact, intonation, language, and approach are all essential. But sometimes we all need a little assistance with the practical aspect of initiating sex. Here are six simple foreplay tips that will help you become a seduction genius.

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Reminisce About Your Greatest Hits

Talk to your partner about the wildest sex you've ever had and don't skip any details, whispering your reminiscences into the ear of your lover.

Unleash Your Inner Dom

Giving instructions to your lover is a great way to start sex without having to put in all the effort. Exactly tell them what you want: “Look at me. Come over here. Kiss me right here. Lower.”

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Kiss Them With Passion

It can seem fairly clear, but a deep, gradual, passionate kiss might be all that your lover needs to flip the switch. Not only do your mind and body recognize the early days of passionate love when you kiss passionately, but the flurry of feel-good chemicals also encourages bonding and enjoyment.

Take a Shower Together

Surprise your lover in the shower by following them. Grant them a few moments under the waterfall of warm water to get cleaned up and then step in and offer to lather their backside.

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Leave a Hint on the Nightstand

What better way than to leave your toys, lube, and other roleplay items on the bedside table to signal your desire for sex? Just be aware that your in-laws don't plan to visit first.

Try Some Sensual Massage

You often follow your body and mind's urges when you assume a position you tend to associate with sex. Gently and erotically straddle them and start touching, no intense force needed.

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