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Top Lifestyle Clubs in North Carolina
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Top Lifestyle Clubs in North Carolina 

It takes a fair amount of searching to find a good lifestyle club in North Carolina, but when you find it, the lifestyle culture is particularly active. Try these well-known North Carolina lifestyle clubs.

You Know Where

YKW is the only licensed and authorized on-premise swingers club in North Carolina. Each Saturday night, YKW contains between 100-130 couples, so you'll never be lonely. After each party, YKW is thoroughly cleaned as per CDC standards. YKW is very proud to clean and ensure that the whole club is as safe as possible.

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YKW also offers each new member private tours. Another standout is their personal hotel rooms with king-size beds fully stocked with condoms, lubes, tissues, and extra linens. The large main floor features a large wooden dance floor, live DJ, and all night long food buffet.

best lifestyle clubs

The Exchange Society

The Exchange Society's aims to organize Meet & Greets monthly as a social outlet for lifestyle like-minded people. Everyone can meet in a relaxed setting, meet up with old friends, and find new ones, too.

They invite you to high-energy, no-pressure events in which you can encounter many fun, sexy, like-minded people in one spot in one night. Regardless of your lifestyle experience, newbies to veterans or just discussing the possibilities, this is the place to be.

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East Carolina Couples

ECC is a club committed to providing an environment that allows you to discover your sexual desires while strengthening your primary relationship. For people to meet and mix with other lifestylers, their gatherings offer a safe, no-pressure place.


The ECC organizes monthly titillating parties in eastern NC. They recruit helpful staff to respond to questions at each party, introduce you to others, and merely make sure you have an unforgettable ECC time. Many of the gatherings have themes and contests that help test the waters and socialize everyone.

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