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Top Sex Tips for Seducing Your Woman 

What's common for all brilliant lovers? They are seduction masters and they're proud of it. Confidence may be vital to wooing your lover, but you can also pick up a couple of tips and advice along the way to keep her coming back for more. Try to reel in your woman with these sex tips.

Give Her a Compliment

Let her hear she's the target of your lust and compliment her. It won't be enough to tell her that she looks really good. You have to seduce her by illustrating all you love about her in specifics.

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Think of your five senses and praise the taste of her skin, the feel of her mouth, the elegance of her curves, and the soothing sound of her voice. Be an animal and let her know how badly you're willing to get between her thighs ... and take care of every desire she has.

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Get a Little Aggressive

The suspense of being seduced is among the strongest aphrodisiacs, but if your lover lacks passion and trust, all that sexual desire will come to a screeching halt. While tonight is your night, then accept it with passion since initiating sex should always be a joint responsibility. Be rough by catching her by the hair while you kiss her or get out a few silk ties to bind her wrists to the bed frame.

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Or Go Slow

If being rough is not your nature or you just want to change things, then slowing down may be the perfect companion or addition to your erotic arsenal.

We all have the potential to jump into things when we're eager. We start to grasp and grope and pinch and bite before giving our bodies an opportunity to ease into the natural sexual reflex. Through slowing things down, you encourage the pressure to build up as the blood rushes to their most sensitive areas as they continue to crave more of what you have to deliver.

The teasing will drive her into a frenzy after a while and her sensitivity will soar to new heights when you press your bodies closer. Delayed gratification is a persuasive seduction device, so never doubt the ability to torment her body and slow things down.

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